Welcome to the Acorn Hike,

Saturday 18th September 2021!

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Due to COVID restrictions still being uncertain, this year's event will be a little bit different and will run as a one day event. Hopefully this will give more people the chance to enter, and to work towards the full event returning in 2022.



Please submit your team entry forms as soon as possible. This year the price will be £20.00 per team with the final deadline for both forms and money being 16th July 2021. Any entries / money sent after this date may not be accepted so don't miss out!

Also available in the 'Documents' menu;

- Leader Guidance

- Rules

- Kit List

-Safety Briefing


All hike participants must have an online participant form completed before the event. To ensure that data is as up to date as possible, these will be available on the 'Forms' menu from 1st August 2021. The participant form must be filled in and received no later than Wednesday 15th September 2021. Please make sure that you put the correct troop / unit name so that we can let leaders know that their teams have all completed their forms.

Please be guided by your leaders when it comes to the kit list, as most troops / units will supply some of the group kit.



You can now follow the Acorn Hike on Facebook @AcornHike for updates, reminders, hints and tips and photos of the event (where permission is given).