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This form must be completed prior to any group/unit taking their young people away from their normal meeting place (Bushy Wood is considered a 'normal meeting place').

Submission of the form is the responsibility of the leader in charge.

Completing this form encourages us all to implement best practice in planning and risk assessing activities, and assists the district in ensuring we all comply with POR.

The relevant POR rule is; 

Rule 9.1 Activity Rules – Application

a. These Rules apply to all activities carried out anywhere in the world.

b. The District Commissioner is responsible for approving all activities for Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts and Explorer Scouts. This will usually be by means of an informal system agreed between the District Commissioner and each Group Scout Leader or District Explorer Scout Commissioner.

If you need any advice on specific activities - use this link - ACTIVITIES

Contact Information
Risk Assessment

If you need guidance on risk assessing please use this link : RISK ASSESSMENT ADVICE


The form will be emailed to the DC automatically, please enter email addresses below for others to be notified.

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