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Teams can consist of 4 or 5 members.

Age restriction for junior teams; all members must be 13 1/2 years or under, no exceptions. There may be no more than two Scouts aged 13 - 13 1/2 in any junior team

Teams must not leave the hike without informing Acorn control.

Teams should arrive 15 minutes before check in time. Late teams will be held back until a suitable start time is available and penalty points incurred.

All consent and permissions must be completed electronically by 12th June 2020. 1 hard copy of the team sheet should be presented at check in signed by the leader in attendance.

Any team member who arrives and is not suitably dressed, has not got the required kit, or the required paperwork will not be permitted to hike and may forfeit the team from the hike.

A leader or designated adult is to remain available during kit check to overcome any problems that may occur.



Each team must provide their own food for the whole weekend, which must include packed lunch for Sunday.

The menu and all kit used should be based on lightweight camping and points will be awarded on this basis.

Food and cooking equipment is to be carried on both days.

Teams must not share cooking or camping equipment with other teams.

Teams with mixed sex must have single sex tents

Camping areas will be 5x5m sq for all teams.

Leaders and parents cannot visit the teams before the finish on Sunday.


The Hike

Hiking boots, that come above the ankle must be worn, no trainers, shoes or wellies.

Uniform is not a requirement, however teams must wear their group or unit scarf.

Trousers are to be worn; no jeans or shorts.

Each team member must wear a high vis vest or clear high vis strips on their rucksack.

Teams must take a 30 minute lunch break at a checkpoint, after 11:30. Teams should inform checkpoint staff on arrive if they plan to stop.

Teams should avoid roads where possible. Hitch hiking is not allowed in any circumstances.

Any team that misses a checkpoint will be withdrawn from the competition but may be allowed to carry on to complete award work/gain experience.

If a team member is considered to be unfit to hike on arrival at a checkpoint, the team will remain at the checkpoint until a member of the First Aid Team can assess them. Their decision is final.

Emergency medication to be carried, where necessary, and all teams members should be briefed effectively beforehand on its use. (This is recovery/ preventative medication only and acorn control should be made aware during check in of medical conditions).

Any team that are withdrawn on Saturday will be transported to the overnight campsite. If the team is passed fit for the following day they can choose to continue and complete the Junior route, but would no longer be part of the competition.

Composite teams may be assembled by the organisers to enable entrants to continue with the event for award work but would no longer be part of the competition.


Mobile phones and GPS.

Each team must provide an emergency mobile phone. It must be fully charged and the whole team should know any password and be able to operate the phone.

Each team will be given an envelope to seal their emergency mobile phone in. It should only be used in an emergency.

Teams will not lose points for using their phones appropriately. Ultimately decision about appropriate use will be made by Acorn Control on the day.

Any team found to be carrying additional mobile phone or GPS devices, will have the device removed and 100 points will be deducted


Failure to comply with the rules will lead to automatic disqualification